Join L’Ardente for a Weekend of Giving, Aug. 26-27

Aug 08, 2023
Culinary Experience Meets Philanthropy: Make Your Brunch Reservation Today! Washington, D.C. – Prepare for a delightful culinary affair with a purpose as L’Ardente – the renowned…
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Franklin Park


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Homeless Services


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Franklin Park


Homeless Services


Public Space Revitalization


Events and Programs


“Thank you so much for the lovely presents that arrived on my doorstep yesterday when I got home from work… thank you for all of your help and support.”

– LS, Welcome Home Kit Recipient

“We’ve been able to support the DowntownDC Foundation in a number of ways…. for Coca-Cola, having our footprint here in the DC area is very important to us.”

– Joachim Rogers, Market Unit Vice President, Coca-Cola Consolidated

“Franklin Park has helped to bring life back into DowntownDC.”

– Anthony Price, Franklin Park Hospitality Ambassador

“I’m grateful that in spite of the pandemic, they let people come here… because if they closed it down, then none of us would have anywhere to go.”

– Carl, DDSC Guest

“The new Franklin Park is its own destination – a place for residents and visitors to enjoy and for workers to retreat to. This is the type of park you would expect to find downtown in our nation’s capital.”

– Mayor Muriel Bowser

“People feel like society has given up on them … and the excitement that they show over getting something as simple as a shower or some socks or some shoes, their ID’s, oh my gosh it’s wonderful. I love what I do.”

– Montee “Angel” Saunders, DDSC Facility Assistant